Argumentative Essay: Police Brutality

Argumentative Essay on Police Brutality

Is police brutality a problem? Police Brutality is the problem that exists for numerous years, and in the United States it is known to be one of the major issues which we need to resolve as soon as possible. Law enforcement main aim to protect people and it should consist of civilized and well-organized officers. However, the presence of police brutality and its influence on the society grows with the community growth. The problem is represented by illegal police power exercise on the individual of a disfavored class, race or sexual orientation. So I think police brutality must be stopped because police serve not themselves but the society they live in together. Even criminals are the part of public, and do have the same rights, in particular, civil rights. And in America, police brutality is widely discussed, and people do understand that its resolution a vital issue.

First time the police brutality was emphasized by a public in 1991, when Rodney King episode took place. It was one of the most famous police brutality cases. Rodney was beaten on a freeway by LAPD officers. This was the first step for the creation of the African American movement against police brutality.

During past twenty-five years, the police brutality is widely discussed by the society. Numerous terrible cases were registered. However, not all police officers were punished. The sad truth is that we don’t have established regulations for these cases.

Historically, racial and sexual minorities had been victims of police brutality in the United States for many years. In 19th century dominant white social class used police force to maintain racial injustice and used violence against minorities. This violence started right after civil war and was expressed in different forms. America has a long historic tradition to use police brutality reach a sense of a law and some kind of order in the society.

Police brutality can be defined as an appropriate behavior of any law enforcement official who commits either illegal or immoral or even both habits. Agents should follow standard policies which are even stricter that civilian have. Police brutality is connected with the abuse of power given to the police. Police has an excessive force and in the United States it should be revised because of brutality cases.

The main cases when brutality is reported are connected with a negative feeling of an officer to certain sexes, races, and religions. Disrespect and police brutality against people of certain races is a known problem in the United States, as the latest police brutality statistics shows. Law enforcement officers in numerous cases have exposed representative of minorities to discriminatory treatments and many times abused minorities physically.

However, mistreatment is not always physical, in most cases, Latino and African-American are suspected of the criminal activities because of their race and not because an actual case was registered. Civilian support this notion by reporting a crime, and witness against black and Latino in one or another way, supporting the fact that our community still suffers from racist values.

According to the Mapping Police Violence police brutality facts more than 102 unarmed black were killed during 2015. And only 10 of these cases are resulted an officer being charged for this crime. In 2016 there were 263 cases of blacks murdered by the police. The most dangerous for blacks’ cities are Orlando and St.Louise. And according to the latest data, more than 69 % of these people were not fully suspected of the crime, i.e. they were not violent. It is essential to note that more than 30% of these cases were connected with teenagers’ death and this is an awful fact I have found out.

Due to growing number victims of police brutality we need to find the solutions to stop these harmful actions. There are numerous ways how to stop police brutality among the law enforcement agents. First of all we need to renew police departments and ban from working at the police so called “problem officers.” These disciplinary actions against people who was caught or noticed to be cruel against other will help to reduce number of tragic cases when police brutality played the main role.

The next thing we should consider is an intensive training of officers. We need to develop different excesses and train officers how to act in the situations which are usually leading to police brutality. These training should be connected with dealing with weapons and include proper medical assistance in case of office have used a weapon against suspected person. This should minimize police abuse and help to eliminate police brutality actions.

Additionally, well-trained police officers will be able to provide necessary medical care before paramedics will come to offer qualified help.

Before the hire of a police officer his or her background must be checked to prevent hiring potentially violent person. And each officer after hire must be tracked by the authorities to see if he or she does any harmful actions against citizens, no matter of age, sex or racial makeup.

The police brutality is a public issue and we need a solution of it. Each year thousands of people die because of harmful actions of law enforcement agents. The police main aim is to serve the country and protect the society. But is seems that in many cases police officers do forget about the fact that everyone in the United States have equal rights and freedoms. We need to remind them this fact and additionally eliminate their actions against racial, sexual and other minorities. We want to build safe society when any person will feel protected.

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