Argumentative Essay: Pro-Choice Abortion Reasons

pro abortion essay

One of the subjects which tend to stir the biggest controversy among people is the pro abortion vs. pro life debate. Those who are opposed to it maintain that it should be illegal, because of they believe it to be morally wrong, and detrimental to a woman’s health. Moreover, most of them liken it to murder, because they consider a fetus or an embryo a living human being.

However, if abortions were illegal, there would actually be more deaths among women, because they would have to do in secrecy, and the abortions would be performed by uneducated and unqualified staff. Being pro-life focuses solely on the fetus, yet those who are in favor of it completely disregard the mother’s well-being and her life, making the “pro-life” moniker completely contradictory.

Every woman should have the right to do whatever she wants with her own body, and nobody should be able to tell her otherwise. The decision to have an abortion should be completely individual, but apart from that, there are plenty of other pro abortion reasons.

The most obvious one would be rape. Giving birth to a child that is the result of rape is too much for most women to handle, and that child would only serve as a reminder of how much they have suffered. They shouldn’t have to go through it all for the rest of their lives.

Then there are teen pregnancies, where the mother is not ready to bring a child into this world when she is practically a child herself. It would mean she would have to drop out of school to take care of the child, get a low-paying job, which means she couldn’t afford a decent life for her and her child.

Pro-choice movement recognizes these situations and supports women in making their own decisions.

As for pro abortion facts, there are plenty of those everywhere. For example, the risk of death associated with childbirth is as much as 10 times greater than the risk of having an abortion, especially if a woman is too young or too old to give birth, let alone if she is ill. That is just another example where pro-life supporters neglect a woman’s life.

Women should be able to have children when they are ready, physically and mentally, which means her child would have a better chance of leading a normal life. While it’s hard to predict what someone’s life would actually look like, children which are born into functional families have a better chance of succeeding later in life.

One of the biggest opponents of the abortion pro choice option is the church, which considers it a sin, or even homicide. However, the religion didn’t appear to have such a strict stance on it until the 19th century. It wasn’t considered homicide until Pope Sixtus V declared it as such.

Should we really follow the words of someone, no matter how holy, is ultimately just another human being, and adhere to them blindly? Religion does not consider the circumstances under which a woman conceived a child. It maintains it’s a sin even if giving birth to a child would kill a woman. They claim to support life, but they are living to discard one based on nothing but dogma. In addition to that, religious women are just as likely to have an abortion as women which are atheists.

What does pro abortion mean anyway? It does not mean that abortions should become as commonplace as giving birth, but it does provide women with a choice in extraordinary circumstances. It provides them with a chance to lead a normal life, pursue a degree, get a good job, plan a family, and, ultimately, if she chooses to do, have a child when she is ready. She can plan a career, keep her health in check, fall in love, and then give birth in almost ideal circumstances.

Ultimately, it is the child that will benefit from all of this, being born into a loving family that is able to provide it with everything necessary for a normal life. Plenty of pro abortion arguments right there.

The root of the problem is the fact that pro-life supporters give equal right to a fetus as they do to a fully formed human being. And the truth is, it is not possible to pinpoint the exact moment when a fetus stops being one and becomes a human being. That means it is open to interpretation.

A fetus is not able to live on its own, as a human being would because it is dependent on the mother for everything. It does not have a developed nervous system, which means it cannot feel pain or distress, and it is certainly not conscious. Claiming that a fetus is a human being is not a strong enough argument against abortion. We need to start focusing on how having an abortion or giving birth to a child will affect the woman.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it’s easy to talk about morals and ethics when someone else’s life is under the microscope. Some of the biggest opponents of abortion would probably cling to it as a solution if they had no other choice.

And let’s consider a scenario where an abortion would become illegal. Where women would be forced to carry out their pregnancies. It would certainly seem like some sort of oppressive totalitarian regime, forcing women to do things against their will, and making private decisions, such as childbirth, for them. It sounds like a nightmare come true. It would also violate a whole slew of human rights, which we are all entitled to.

We live in an era where people have the right to free speech, the freedom to practice their religion, nurture their language, and many other rights guaranteed by the constitution. Denying someone the right to have full control over their own body would be a serious violation of everything modern society stands for, and we must do our best that such a scenario never becomes a reality.

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