Cause and Effect Essay: Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Obesity is a condition when human body has a lot of fat which results in negative effects on the person’s health. To measure whether the individual has exceeded body mass, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is used. People with body mass index more than 30 are obese. The BMI is calculated using height and weight indexes. It is essential to note, that it is calculated using a unique formula: body mass in kilograms is divided by the square of person’s height in meters. (NRC, 2008) It is known that obesity is caused by disbalance in dieting, person’s physical inactivity and depression coupled with other emotional problems.

In this essay on obesity, I have decided to examine factors of childhood obesity and how to overcome them. In obesity essay I will discuss causes and effects of obesity on the children.

In young age, obesity is usually caused by unhealthy dietary habits. Modern children prefer junk food, fast food and drinks with a high level of sugar instead of eating healthy meals. This food is known to have a lot of calories and low level of different nutrients causing getting extra pounds. It is also known, that eating when you are not hungry, doing homework or watching TV can result in obesity. This happens because the attention is distracted to the information perception instead of food processing. So the consumed food is not burned by the body and is deposited into the fat.

What is causing childhood obesity except food and dieting?

The another reason of child obesity is connected with child physical inactivity. Modern children are used to a static way of living; this is caused by growing popularity of video games, computer browsing, smartphones, tablets, and television. Children spend more time in front of TV or computer rather than engaging in physical games and exercises. Additionally, such behavior is connected with snacking or eating unhealthy food during these passive activities. There are a few Physical Education classes at school and modern parents, who are busy with their day to day tasks and fear of their child safety, prevent their kid from participating in school activities or sports.

The third cause why is childhood obesity on the rise is depression which usually goes with different emotional problems, like a misunderstanding, lack of communication with classmates or family violence. Depression often makes a person eat a lot to ease the pain he/she feels. Additionally, it causes staying indoors and abstains from participating in different sports or some cases social activities and communication with others.Individuals with emotional problems are usually under pressure from their family, friends or other people. This inactive and isolated way of living results in bad mood and limitation of person’s capabilities to exercise.

I can subdivide effects of children obesity into two main groups: physical and psychological. Psychological effects of obesity amongst children are usually connected with depression as a result of lack of communication with other people. Obese children are generally out of community activities and not loved by their classmates. Depression, as we said before, can be coupled with other emotional diseases. As for physical effects of obesity they are connected with different kind of health issues. According to Stanford Healthcare, the health problems which are linked with obesity of children and adults are heart disease, type two diabetes, cancer, metabolical syndrome, bone and joint disease and several others. All these effects can lead not only to different limitations in child life but also to the early death. Heart disease because of obesity in numerous cases requires special treatment and transplantation. Type two diabetes with obesity increases chances of the child to die because the body doesn’t assimilate insulin or other medication. Bone diseases can affect knees and footsteps because of heavy load on them. Moreover, obesity during puberty period can increase cancer appearance among female and male, so it is very dangerous for the child.

Childhood obesity causes include physical inactivity, unhealthy dietary habits, and emotional issues. However, it is possible to manage kids’ obesity. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2008) recommends parents whose children are in the risk group start a weight management program and change their kids and family members eating habits, developing healthy diet and behavior. Parents should start selecting healthy food, control portions and make their children consume fewer calories. Additionally, they should encourage their children to increase physical activity by engaging in sports or just walking more. These are just some ways to prevent or manage obesity, but they are effective. There are numerous childhood obesity prevention programs exist national wide, so if parents need help they can contact special authorities and organizations.

Obesity can result in different health issues, which are dangerous for the child. These diseases are usually registered among people of old age, and the emergence of such problems at the young age is horrible. So we know why is childhood obesity important. Parents should prevent their children to become a part of an obese population and save their health and life. There are numerous methods to bypass obesity, but in case it is not possible to manage it is better to consult with a specialist in dieting and nutrition. The statistics on childhood obesity in the USA and Europe shows that this is a major issue in modern society, so to prevent this problem people should think about a healthy way of living.

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