Cause and Effect Essay: How Does Global Warming Affect us?

Global Warming essay

Global warming is by definition increase of Earth’s temperature due to greenhouse gases. More commonly explain it is a problem that has been created by letting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thus creating a cloud that traps in heats and heats the planet. You can think of global warming as a blanket that gets thicker and thicker each time, because of the amount if CO2 we produce through burning coal, oil and gas. This rise in temperature has caused many changes for both humans, animals, and the planet overall. How does climate change affect us?

With ice melting worldwide, and largely in the poles, sea levels are due to rise drastically by the end of this century, with the continuous melting of mountain glaciers and the ice sheet that cover Greenland , Arctic sea ice, and West Antarctica. Global warming can cause floods and droughts to become even more common. Due to the intense warming areas that are commonly in danger of draughts can get even less rainfall than before, endangering their survival. On the other hand, areas with a high risk of floods can expect dangerous floods due to the dangerous rise in sea levels. Global warming effects can encompass entire areas and endanger both humans and animals. If we are faced with droughts that could endanger our crops, and the environment in which animals leave. Needless to say, the entire chain will become compromised, and the existence of all species comes into question.

There is also a big connection between global warming and natural disasters that have been occurring within the last decade. It has been proven that due to the temperature rises and the imbalance of the earth system, hurricanes, and other storms are likely to become stronger. We’ve already witnessed tsunamis and hurricanes that destroyed entire cities and countries, and the prognosis is, they will only get worse. There are many studies proving this connection, and the end result is we’re influencing the existence of these occurrences.

What are the effects of global warming we can see already? Extreme weather changes aren’t a natural occurrence all the time. It is the direct effect of global warming. While hot summers and really cold winters have happened in the past, these extremes have become more and more frequent, where areas that have never experienced harsh winters are now faced with unbearable cold, and vice versa. These changes influence people’s health, those who already having health issues with extreme weather changes.

Another big problem can endanger human health and existence as well, and that’s the lack of fresh water. If the ice cap in Peru named Quelccaya continues to melt, it will be completely gone by the end of this century people who are relying on it for fresh water won’t have a source for drinking water or electricity. The water cycle will change inevitably, which makes us wonder, what happens when the ice caps melt and we have no more fresh water? And it’s happening around the world, not just in Peru. Although the changes can’t be noticed right now, in a couple of decades they will start affecting everyone in the area.

Moving on, global warming doesn’t only affect the changes in the environment, it directly influences the human society. Overall, global warming caused by multiple aspects can create social problems as well. Agricultural systems will suffer from the impact of drought, floods, harsh weather changes, lack of snow, rainfall, or heavy rainfall. This doesn’t only enable us to grow crops, but it leads to a larger numbers of pests that can destroy the crops we have grown already. CO2 affects the growth of plants as well, making plants less nutritious, which directly affects human health. This can be openly considered as the loss of safety and security when it comes to food and can create a havoc in food markets and trigger food riots, famine, political instability and other social problems. The existential crisis can potentially lead people to fight more, start wars and lead completely meaningless battles, that can actually endanger them more than help.

Because of the excess warming, ice caps melt and the ecosystems start to change. But how does global warming affect animals? Because this change has already started taking place, certain species will become endangered, unless they can migrate to areas that suit them for survival. Because of these drastic changes, some species will become extinct. The fact that we are losing species, means our planet is losing balance. Every single species is a part of the chain, and when one disappears it can influence the entire chain. A scientist that researches wildlife, Martyin Obbard, claims that polar bears are becoming endangered already, due to lack of fish and less of ice. If the ice disappears, that means the polar bears as an entire species will be devoid of food resources. And this change is widespread and doesn’t just affect polar bears. Many animals have already started migrating north to higher altitudes, and to more comfortable temperatures in the north. The bigger issue is when the climate changes drastically, and species don’t have enough time to actually migrate to the environment that enables them to thrive. This is how global warming and extinction of species are actually connected.

The planet is our greatest friend, and we have to take care of it right now. The negative effects have already started manifesting, and there are some changes we can’t take back. Unless the entire planet starts doing something to reverse the effects of global warming on the environment, we’re going to be faced with serious problems by the end of the century, which we won’t be able to reverse. Global warming is not a situation that can be left on the side and dealt with later on. The entire plane has to tackle this serious problem right now before the changes escalate and endanger both human and animal species.


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