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Total Score: 9.6/10

When I was looking for the leading websites that offer editing services, Help.Plagtracker was the first one that got my attention. It has a cool, informative website and really affordable prices, as well as a support system that works impeccably. After trying several other editing and proofreading services, I can still say that this is the best one. The editors maintain the writer’s style, but still make all necessary corrections to bring the papers to perfection. Find more details below from my Review.

Online reputation

Help.Plagtracker is quite a popular website. It was the first editing service I stumbled upon, and it has several recommendations across the Internet. The website features testimonials from real users, which seem reliable because they focus on different aspects of the assistance they got.

Services and prices

Help.Plagtracker offers a versatile list of editing, proofreading, and formatting services that meet every student’s needs. These are the types of content you can get edited: essay, dissertation, research paper, thesis, college application essay, resume, personal statement, textbook, cover letter, business documents, and books. In addition, the company also offers writing consulting.
I was surprised to see the affordable prices at this website. The starting quote for editing assistance is set at $9.95. You have 3 deadlines to choose from: 3 days, 1 day, and 12 hours. The urgency and complexity of the order are the main factors that determine the final price.

Payment system

Help.Plagtracker accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards for processing payments. The ordering system is very effective. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete the order, submit the paper for editing, and paying for the service. The payment was instantly processed and I immediately got a confirmation email. The company did not charge anything above the price I saw in the order form.

Quality of services

Now we’re getting to the main point. The paper I submitted for editing was really bad. It had several grammar and spelling errors, and I added few senseless sentences just to see how the editor would deal with them. In addition, the content had no character and no personal voice.
All I can say is that the product I got after this collaboration was perfect. The editor contacted me few times for consultations; he wanted to make sure some essential changes wouldn’t affect the overall impression I was aiming for. As a result, I received a perfectly polished essay that made sense. Those silly sentences were gone, so I have to admit that the editor made good decisions.
The editors from this service are focused on proofreading every sentence, rewriting plagiarized parts, correcting mistakes, and improving the overall style.

Customer support

Once I created a profile at the website, I got access to the customer support system. I contacted the representatives few times, and they were always ready to answer my questions. The best part about the support system is the direct collaboration between the customer and the editor. That’s really important if you don’t want to get an unrecognizable paper after the editing and proofreading process.

Conclusion is the number 1 editing service I’ve tried so far. The document was clearly in the hands of a professional, who paid attention to every single detail and perfected the content from several aspects.
Have you ever used this service? I would appreciate your opinions in the comment section below.

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