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Total Score: 6.7/10 is an online service that offers resume writing services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I didn’t know this service existed before I started searching for resume writing agencies to test and review. Its prices are affordable, but the quality is below average. See detailed review below.

Online Reputation

This is not a very popular service. You won’t find many reviews and testimonies from satisfied users. The website is simple and easy to use, but it’s really boring in terms of design. It’ looks like a high-school student’s web project.

The Company’s Services and Guarantees

There are 7 main services at this website: professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile makeover, one-stop resume posting service, curriculum vitae, military resume, and federal resume. The one-stop resume posting service is actually a simple form that makes your resume instantly available to recruiters and employers on over 85 career websites. Additionally, the company offers professional correspondence letters and references page. guarantees personalized one-on-one writing assistance, delivery for 3-4 business days, and ultimate satisfaction of each customer. Due to the fact that my resume was one day late and I got an insignificant revision on it (not the type of corrections I asked for) I wouldn’t say the claims are trustworthy.

Pricing and Discount Policy

The prices are really affordable when you compare them to other resume writing services. A professional resume costs $49.99, and you can get a brand new cover letter for only $29.99. The CV, which is usually quite expensive at other websites, is still affordable here – it costs $79.99.
If you need two or more types of documents, you’ll get a discount package. However, the company doesn’t clarify the discount program at the website.

Customer Support

There is a live chat that worked pretty well before I ordered the resume. The agent responded to my questions and everything seemed cool. However, no one responded my inquiries when I tried to tell them that the writer missed the deadline. I got the resume one day late, with an excuse that it was more complex than expected. I got a small refund to make up for the missed deadline, but I don’t think that would repair the damage for an actual job applicant who would miss the application deadline because of an online service.

Payment System

The company accepts all popular credit cards, but no PayPal. I usually opt for PayPal, so I don’t like when a website doesn’t allow me to choose the most reliable payment system.

Quality of Delivered Products

If you check out the company’s Facebook page, you’ll notice that many other people had similar experience to the one I had. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Resume2Hire is a reliable online service. That’s a shame, since I really liked the prices. My resume was plainer than the one I submitted. The writer simply listed basic information and didn’t try to convey my personality through the document. To make things even worse, I got the resume late.

I asked for corrections, and the customer support agent said that the writer would do her best to fix it. I did get a revised resume back in 3 hours, but it wasn’t much different from the first version. Only two or three sentences were prolonged, and the writer added some information about my computer skills. She did nothing about the style and form.

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