Scholarship Essay: National Honor Society Essay Sample

Scholarship Essay: National Honor Society Essay Sample

National Honor Society Essay example.

It is an outstanding opportunity for me to become a part of national honor society program. During my life I had met a lot of obstacles connected with stereotypes and gaps in our society. We are limited to our surroundings and react badly to things we don’t understand or don’t want to follow. My path was not always simple but it has developed my character and gave me an opportunity to submit an application to the most valuable society in the United States. I am sure that I have all needed characteristics to become a part of NHS: strong character, scholarship, leadership, and service.

I always had been a smart hardworking student, who sets the goals and does everything to achieve them. I love learning new and apply my knowledge in my life. From the very young age, I am assisting less successful students with their tasks and I am proud that their grades grew after our classes. I am a fast learner and have a bright mind, so I am able to solve different kinds of issues and make decisions quickly.

Additionally, I love to participate in various group works and activities. From my elementary school, I often stayed at school after classes to organize or help with organization of different clubs and events. We had an art class, drama class, video games and comics club and many others. And in some of them, I was a leader and managed their activities with the support of parents and teachers. We had large communities, and the majority of my classmates joined them.

I was a part of numerous events our school took part in, including scientific exhibitions, sports events, city parade and much more. Then I was able to apply my leadership and organizational skills and create the conditions in with our team worked efficiently. Our mayor rewarded our school’s parade platform, and I am proud of that achievement because it was my idea to take part in it.

Moreover, I have participated as one of the organizers of different charity events at middle and high school we held for orphans, poor people and senior adults who need help.
The most remarkable was the Christmas event we carried out for the children. My friends and I decided to show them a most famous play by Dickens called A Christmas Carol. Additionally, we brought lovely presents and candies to make small gifts to the children after the play. It was exciting when we saw how eyes of these kids are shining and they feel that they are also worthy and this world is not as cruel as it seems to be. After the play, we all were singing Christmas songs with them and their teacher and there were a lot of hugs and tears when we needed to go home. From that moment, each year we are organizing celebrations for the asylum.

As you see I am a well-developed friendly person who loves what she is doing and have a strong will to develop myself and obtain skills I need. I am a persistent person and I know what I want to do in future. And the first step to my success and continuation of my development is NHS membership. I am sure that I have enough skills and characteristics to join the program. And it is evident that program is in need of such bright minded well developed the outstanding person like me. The person with leadership qualities who is able to support national Junior Honor Society and help program stay prestigious for all students in the USA.

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