What Motivates Students to Cheat While Studying?

5 reasons why students cheat

With the increased usage and easy availability of the internet at just a few clicks away either on desktop, laptop or the more popular tabs and mobiles, students can’t resist themselves from cheating tricks in their academic studying nowadays. To save themselves from showing their faces to their parents or teachers if they fail in the academics, children are opting for all the means of copying, downloading for free or even by paying. Studies say that every year nearly 10-20% of the students are passing out their academics by cheating in some way or the other which includes plagiarizing reports, getting their homework done by others by paying, copying answers during tests, using essay writing services. There are multiple reasons which motivate students to cheat while studying.

1. Fear of testing

This is quite common that every person feel some kind of nervousness when they come to know that they are being tested on their skills or abilities. This lets a student dare to cheat rather than studying to pass in that test anyhow. From a student’s point, it is like protesting against the so called curricular and pedagogical factors that are affecting him or her. Using a calculator is also something like outsmarting his teacher to sort out a problem.

2. Academic performance

As it is compulsory for students to get at least pass percentage or grade marks, it is driving them to cheat in the most possible way which would help in getting the required marks. Due to the competitive pressure, children at a very young age carry so much burden. This leads them to cheat on their school tests, term papers, and even in their class assignments. In this angle, we should blame or question the government about the strategies involved in the education system like that are in a business.

3. Justification

When most of the students in the class start cheating in the exam, it will enable the student who never cheated before to do so to get better grades than those who are cheating. This way, they justify themselves and cheats at some point in their life. As the student will be on the verge of easy access to copy and everyone doing, he will be opting that for sure.

4. Improper standards

The standards that are followed by a school board or the institution also responsible for the student’s cheating in his academics. Even though, they found students cheated in the academics, they won’t be concentrating more in finding the reasons. This gives more boost to the students to repeat in their next exams too. Even if they find the reason, the punishment they award to them won’t be much serious or severe enough. There are schools which mention the reprimands awarded to those caught while cheating in the notice boards.

5. Heavy assignments

Professors try to find ways to assign more works to the students like in the form of some punishment or homework. With all this in mind, students tempt to find sources that will reduce their pain. And obviously, they opt to cheat as it looks like a saving charm.

Ways to control:

The only way to control students from cheating is to educate them in a moral way by saying that:

  • Cheating is wrong according to our ethics.

  • It is similar to cheating your teacher’s belief on you. It spoils the relation between the teacher and the students.

  • It is a sin, as it is deceiving yourself and your teachers, whatever might be the means.

  • You will lose your respect and become disgraceful in front of other classmates.

  • This will become a hobby which will spoil your reputation even in the future.

By giving them this kind of moral boost, one can lower the chances of student cheating in their academics. Along with these, tightening the rules in the class like preventing them from using any kind of techies like the mobiles, calculators, microphones can reduce cheating to some extent. Every student must feel that they cannot cheat and doing so would lead to some bad circumstances and it is better to face their teacher or parent with lower grades. Somehow, the desire to cheat must be removed from their minds and hearts by discouraging and making the academic subjects easier to learn.

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