Why Do Students Hate Essay Writing?

Why Do Students Hate Essay Writing

Writing is quintessential for any student in pursuit of healthy Academia and it is also unavoidable due to the presence of multiple assignments and projects. The process involved in composing a piece of content is averted by students who neglect this task for completion of others. Unfortunately, they do not realize the importance of this form of communication and the power it holds to affect any individual with a single sentence. If parents and teachers properly understand why writing appears gigantic to students, they can certainly apply several solutions to clear away the dilemma and phobia. This article concentrates on why students show indifference towards writing and explains ways to spring out of this indifference.

Myths about essay writing

Let us look at the students’ perspective of essay writing and the most common myths surrounding the mind of a student, which becomes the cause of his/her disinterest.

  • High vocabulary words – Students often feel uncomfortable while completing an essay because they realize the need to insert intense terminology. This might not be possible for every sentence and can lead to formation of fear. However, students need to understand vocabulary is just a part of the content and if the content is not stuffed with repetitive words it looks attractive.
  • Writing is burdensome – There is not enough time to complete writing task and the pressure of completion is painful. Many repetitive tasks are provided which neither improve nor illuminate the skill set of a student, so main students try to use essay writing services. In contrast, writing is not burdensome if the purpose of the assignment is understood and its aesthetic nature is enjoyed. Further, esteemed colleges avoid repetition of similar topics and thrive to provide novelty to their students.
  • Maximum time is consumed by writing – Most students understand writing as blotting paper which sucks in all the time they need to fulfill other tasks and enjoy college atmosphere. Nevertheless, writing need not necessarily be time consuming if the student plans way ahead and completes the topic in frequent intervals.

Reasons why students hate writing

When students try to pen down their ideas, the above described myths surround them, resulting in formation of fear and perplexity. The following reasons outline the thought process of students while engaged to write an assignment.

  • Below par groundwork – As the students start their writing with a lot of anxiety and tentativeness, it leads to development of frustration and insecurity. The preparation time is insufficient and the amount of groundwork done is limited, he/she becomes aware of production of low quality, degraded content. In addition, confusion of vocabulary, sentence framing and grammatical errors can cause too much pressure resulting in scribbled writing.
  • Finding the appropriate solution –The perplexity further increases if the student ought to complete a task where there are diverse solutions for a single topic. Chaos sets in and disrupts the mindset of the student making the paper full of unrelated or disconnected content.
  • Monotony – By writing many assignments which are not up to the standard, a student may feel the boredom of writing uninterested articles for the purpose of acquiring grades. This boredom results in leaving the paper unfinished or filling pages with nonsensical elements.
  • Atychiphobia (fear of failure) – This is the most devastating reason for students to hate writing. If a student is worried about the deadline, writing style, grades awarded, etc. there will be obvious fear brimming in his mind. It could lead to decrease in standards of education and cause illnesses also.

What to do in such situations?

Regardless of the reasons for avoidance of writing, a student must incorporate certain qualities to develop writing skills. This can be done either by self-assessment or under the guidance of parents and teachers.

  • Developing enthusiasm – Integration of different skills and providing with guidelines for effective writing will develop great enthusiasm. This further builds confidence to write with eagerness and meaningfulness.
  • Analytical ability – Learning from mistakes and avoidance of those in future endeavors will nullify common mistakes and improve the standards of the writing. The student needs to accept his/her flaws and critically understand them. Although it is initially frustrating the process will bear fruit once the student realizes improvement in the content.
  • Avoiding psychological disturbances – Stress and mental disturbances while writing should be avoided because it increases frustrations and decreases concentration. Further, avoidance tangled thinking will enumerate the topic in a lucid manner, increasing the effectiveness with which presentation can be done. In addition, this increases the cognitive skills of the student remarkably.

By applying the above techniques, a student can become aware of the writing process and the strategies involved along with application of various strategies for appropriate situations. The result is an increase in expressiveness, skill development and integration of thought and sentencing in a suitable manner. This will remove the indifference and create interest in the art of writing which can elevate a student’s grade not only in Academia but also in real life situations.

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I know I can write but my mistakes are some what quite present. Whenever my teacher grades my paper, I normally get the same feedback every time. I notice that it also happens to other students as well, with the same mistakes that I make, but they're somewhat invisible to us and that the teachers don't help us correct. She does keep reviewing the materials over and over but somehow we are still not understanding.

I'm a student and I haaaaate essay writing. It may be a simple task for somebody, but not for my, unfortunately.

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