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Welcome to AskPetersen!

My name is Julie Petersen and I’m here to be your writing advisor.

I got Bachelor’s Degree in Arts at Stanford University in 2010 and since then started my English language teacher and freelance writer career. I was teaching writing classes at Stanford University for 4 years and was practising private tutoring at the same time. I’ve been working with students and helping them write theirs essays for already 6 years and cannot imagine my life without writing classes. That is why I’m here to create an online platform where I can share my skills and knowledges with students from all over the Internet.

AskPetersen project was founded in order to provide you with new thoughts, experience and ideas on academic writing, mainly on essay writing. Here you will find educational tips, writing samples, helpful study resources, latest educational news, lifehacks and much more information concerning essay writing that every college student needs.

My goal here is to make you feel more confident while dealing with academic writing, to make your essays both high-scored by your teacher and individual, so they can tell your own story and reveal your personality. I am going to prove you that essay writing can be easy and exciting, and that it can be just a one more pleasant challenge for you.

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Besides, recently I’ve been featured as one of the elearning experts here: 101 e-Learning Tips From The Experts. Thanks to Scott Hawksworth and Sarah Bass for mentioning me among great professionals!

I would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions on AskPetersen! So don’t hesitate and send your letters at: askpetersen.com [at] gmail [dot] com .