Guest Post Guidelines

I created with a simple goal in mind: to help students become better at academic writing, as well as to help them make a safe choice when choosing an online writing service. That’s why you can read all kinds of educational content centered on academic writing.

If you take a moment to observe the reviews and all other posts I publish, you’ll notice one thing in common: they all encourage collaboration. I always want you to share your comments and opinions, so we can build a productive community here.

I decided to take the collaboration further. If you like my blog and you would like me to feature your post here, I encourage you to make a submission for guest posting.

These Are the Guidelines to Follow:

1. The articles should be 800+ words long.

2. The submissions should be relevant to the topics featured at
– Education
– College life
– Academic writing
– Student lifestyle.

3. All submissions must be unique. The first thing I’ll do is check your content through a plagiarism detection engine.

4. Give credit to all sources you use. Please, reference only reliable and trustworthy sites in your guest post submission.

5. You can infuse one anchor link to your own website, as long as it’s relevant and natural in the context. If you don’t find a way to naturally place the link in the content, you can put it in the author’s bio. So – link in content or bio; not both. No links to essay writing services websites.

6. Please, check the spelling and grammar before sending your submission. I reserve the right to make edits. I will ask you to approve them before the final publication.

7. No keyword stuffing. I don’t appreciate SEO strategies. No matter how hard you try, they still look pretty obvious to me.

Are you still with me? The guidelines are pretty clear, right? Now, here’s how you can submit your contribution:
– Send your submission to askpetersen (dot) com (at) gmail (dot) com
– Email subject: “Guest post for”

Please, don’t send a blank message with attachment. In the body of the message, you should include your author’s bio, link to your site, and a brief outline of your submission. Attach your guest post submission in .doc format.

Making connections through blogging is awesome! I can’t wait to get your guest post submissions and see your content at my site. I’ll share the published posts all over social media and recommend my readers to check them out.