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Ask Petersen is a useful source of academic information. I created this website to help every student who needs guidance. Those who want to improve writing skills come to these pages to read educational materials. The ones who need motivation can scour the essay writing resources. Finally, students who cannot write their papers alone seek my guidance in finding a great essay service.

This is one of the best websites to improve writing skills for students. Many sites will offer you general tips you’ve heard millions of times. They provide samples that resemble many others you read before. I have created this website to help all who need to succeed in studying with only unique samples, real tips and hacks, and most importantly – free advice!

On Ask Petersen, you will find everything that a student needs to improve writing skills. The pages are full of educational articles and study guides, quality essay samples, helpful study and writing tools, and much more that leads to academic success.

Forget about paying a small fortune to access essay writing resources. From the moment when I decided to create this website, my only aim was to help you study in an effective way. AskPetersen is a free online resource and it will remain that way forever.

I have gathered inspiration and guidance from some similar sources like mine. I’ll gladly share them with you! On this page, you can find some useful tips and sites that will help you with essay writing and to improve writing skills. Your choices currently include:

  1. Harvard College Writing Center
    These pages are frequently visited by me because they offer insightful information about essay writing. The link will take you to a page where you can learn about the essay structure. Essays can vary depending on their type and purpose, but in the end, the structure is always the same.
  2. The Five-Paragraph Essay Guide
    If you are struggling with writing your outlines or formatting the essays you’ve written, this guide can help you a lot. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to approach the introduction, each of the three body paragraphs (or more if you decide to make it bigger), and end with a great conclusion.
  3. Writing Your Essay
    UNSW gives students a great list of short and helpful tips for writing any essay. It all begins with the first draft, followed by a short description of the structure, and finished with a couple of great hacks for essay writing.
  4. How Is An Essay Structured?
    This is a short, yet very precise table that will tell you exactly how to structure your essay. For an essay to make sense and be properly organized, it needs to fit within the framework on this page. It tells you not only what parts to write, but also which elements to include in the sections.
  5. Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
    Writing an essay sounds like an easy task. After all, you just need an introduction, body, and conclusion. But very often, this turns to be quite a struggle. This short guide can help you improve your writing skills.
  6. Essay Writing – Online Writing Lab
    The renowned Purdue University has created an online writing lab where you can access free resources including grammar and mechanics, writing and teaching writing, style guides, job search, professional writing, and ESL.
  7. Writing Essays – Study Guides
    Leicester University has an academic skills center that can come handy if you wish to develop your writing skills further. Scour their pages for useful advice and information.
  8. 7 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay – FastWeb
    Most sites will tell you the same – write without stopping, edit papers, don’t copy content, etc. If you want something more insightful, these 7 tips are refreshing.
  9. Ten Steps for Writing an Essay
    Schoolatoz has created an excellent article where they unravel 10 very good tricks for writing essays. Take your time to go through their pages – there is much useful information to find there!
  10. General Essay Writing Tips
    Before you discover your writing style and immerse yourself in the writing world, you need to know the most general rules and tricks in essay writing. I recommend reading this resource to get you started.