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Total Score: 6.2/10

GradeMiners is quite a fun name, isn’t it? The website gives out an impression of reliability and professionalism. However, my high hopes were ruined by the final result – I checked the paper via Copyscape and it turned out it was 15% plagiarized. That’s not a big percentage, but it would be devastating for a student who would submit such a paper. But, please, read the following review up to the end – perhaps you will find out other important facts about the service.

Online Reputation of GradeMiners

The website features tons of text that most students wouldn’t read, so I think it would be better for the service to get rid of some unnecessary paragraphs. As far as the online reputation is concerned, the Facebook community has a single fan. One! That’s pretty sad.

Services and Guarantees

There is no separate page with a clear list of services. You have to scroll to the bottom of the GradeMiners homepage to find out that the company offers the following products: assignment, dissertation, homework, coursework, case study, term paper, thesis proposal and essays for sale.
When I clicked the I’m ready to order button, I was taken to a detailed order form for new customers. Here, I could choose from a larger list of services, which also included paraphrasing. Such service is pretty suspicious for a website that’s supposed to hire high-level writers who offer unique work. I predicted the outcome at this point.

Prices and Discounts

The prices seem reasonable. They are categorized in five levels: high school, college, undergraduate, Master and PhD. The quotes per page for an essay range from $11.30 (for high-school level with deadline of 20 days) to $44.95 per page (for PhD level with a deadline of 3 hours).
The discount for first orders is 15% from the full price. If you go back for more orders, you become part of a bonus system that’s more complicated than necessary.

Quality of Services

My essay was full of fillers, just as the GradeMiners website is. The arguments that seemed decent were the ones that were plagiarized. I was disappointed with the fact that Copyscape recognized 15% of the paper as plagiarism. I believe that the writers were ESL speakers, since there were few mistakes an American writer wouldn’t make. I gave another chance to the company. I ordered another paper since the price was low, but the quality was still below average and it had about 12% plagiarism.

Customer Service

The live chat works well. The representatives are online most of the time and they answer the messages without delays. However, they weren’t able to help me get my money back, since the company did not take my complaints into consideration. review

Additional Features

Nonexistent. There is tons of useless content at the website, but no blog or free tips. I would suggest the company to focus less on fillers and more on useful content that students would like to read.

In conclusion for this review, the company is not entirely bad. My papers were flawed, but still fun… until I realized the best parts of them were plagiarized. Have you ordered essays from GradeMiners? I would love to hear your opinion.

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  1. Hi,My name is Milki and currently prepnriag for the ielts. I find your web-site is really helpful, could I actually post here the essay that I ordered at GradeMiners, please? If so, how can I upload my essay? I want to show what a poor written essays this service provide!!

    1. Milki, sorry to hear that. You can send me the essay via email and I will publish it on this page. Just let me know.
      Thanks for your intention to share experience!

  2. Out of all writing services I used (and I’ve tried tons of them), this has to be the worst one. I agree with the writer of this review – the website is really confusing and more “informative” than necessary. Of course I didn’t bother reading all that text, but that should’ve been a warning sign. The essay I got was a disaster, it was paraphrased from a single source I easily found online. I would never recommend any student to waste his money on

    1. Tom, bad things happen 🙁 It is never easy to find a professional and accurate essay writer nowadays, I feel sorry about your story 🙁 Have you tried any other service? You should try, check reviews of other essay writing services on my website.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Don’t expect them to actually give you the refund they promise you if you’re not satisfied or they make you fail!
    I have used this site in the past and the work has been ok. Recently, I submitted a text-in which I received a 40%-COMPLETELY failing-not even close to passing-and they have stalled and given me every reason why they will not refund my money. They said they made a decision as to my case, and the decision was “no refund”. When the hell were they going to tell me??? No one contacted me, and they have spent more time arguing with me about this then trying to help me! I will NEVER use them again!

  4. I’m not sure if my writer actually has a Ph.D. as the website claims, but my paper turned out fine. I know it’s cheating but I don’t care. Considering short deadlines and intense workload, using such services is OK. Honestly? Grademiners is just as good as any other website.

  5. Just finished reading the assignment, and from what I can tell and from what I read, seems it fulfill the needs of the assignment. I think it is a very good writing.

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