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Total Score: 6.8/10

When I first took a look at this website, it seemed promising. The list of services is decent; the prices are not really cheap, but they are still reasonable; and the guarantees are good. On the surface, this looks like a writing service that deserves a student’s attention. Of course I had to order a paper from it. The results were not impressive, to say the least. I asked for an elaborate contemplation of a serious issue, and I got ramblings based on the author’s personal beliefs. review

Online Reputation of AdvancedWriters

The website looks nice and you can get most information you need. Still, there is too much text created for SEO purposes, so you might get confused when you see large chunks of content on the pages, when all you need is simple information about the type of paper you need.

Services and Guarantees

The list of services includes essay, thesis, research paper, term paper, dissertation, book report, admission essay, assignment, and many other types of content that students usually need. The company is suitable for students at different levels.

The main policies include a confidentiality guarantee, plagiarism-free papers, money back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support. The company also guarantees free revisions, but my experience with it made me realize it was nearly impossible to get them.

Prices and Discounts

The deadlines at this website range from 1 month to 8 hours. The longest deadline is not available for high school level, and the shortest deadline is not an option for PhD level. With that in mind, the range of quotes starts from $13 and goes up to $51 per page.

You have to make huge orders to get a lifetime discount. The lowest discount of 5% is available once you spend more than $500 at the website; and you have to spend more than $2000 to get a discount of 15%.

Quality of Services

Oh, this was a very interesting experience. If I hadn’t spent money on this “essay” it would make me laugh. I asked for a paper that confronted creationism and evolution, and I specifically noted that I stood behind science and evolution. The writer decided to ignore that instruction and he delivered a paper that went on and on about the flaws in the theory of evolution. She did not mention anything about creationism in the paper; she was just trying to explain how wrong the theory of evolution was. No facts to support those claims; it was just plain words that would make a professor laugh.

Customer Service

I contacted the support trying to get revisions on my paper. The problem was – I didn’t ask for revisions; I needed an entirely new paper based on the instructions I initially provided. The writer made some minor improvements, mentioning creationism in some part of the essay, but she still didn’t make the point I asked for. After few attempts, the customer support informed me I was no longer eligible for revisions. And I didn’t get a refund.

Additional Features

There’s a nifty free plagiarism checker at the website, which could be very useful for students buying papers online.

All in all, I would never rely on AdvancedWriters again. When you spend money on a paper, the last thing you need is someone ignoring your instructions. Do you have any insights to share about this service?

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