Is It Possible to Make Writing Exciting?

The most difficult task for any teacher would be ‘teaching to write’, because it is mainly self-developing skill and requires knowledge on several aspects of language. Furthermore, the disinterest shown by students towards writing is colossal making it a tedious task to teach writing. In comparison to listening, speaking and reading, writing is a very tough ask for children who enter their school or college level students who are about to leave their Academia. In students’ point of view also writing is the most strenuous tasks as it involves a lot of commitment and hard work resulting in the development of stress and using of essay writing services.

How to stimulate students to write?

Essay writing is more of an art than being a component of language. It takes years of practice to reach minimal standards of writing content. For students essay writing is inescapable and they need to learn this craft for building a successful career. By incorporating entertainment and simple techniques, writing can be made fun and interesting. The following techniques can be employed by teacher or parents to improve writing skills profoundly and make writing exciting.

1. Provide students with different writing types

Instead of serving monotonous academic essays and project descriptions make the students to involve in present different modes of writing. Poetry can spur the imagination, thereby increasing knowledge on different themes; short stories and plays make students travel different landscapes and improve their vocabulary as well as gain insights into various historical aspects along with fiction; music and viewing television shows can intensify the feelings filtering out commonly used words. If the students are asked to write about these aspects, the results will be enriched when compared to the previous contents. The main reason being, the amount of interest they establish on different modes. Furthermore, by presenting various modes of essays, students can pick the one of their liking, which increases the chance of development in writing.

2. Maintain clear purpose

Most teachers just give out the topic randomly and ignore the primary objective of such provision, i.e. deriving results by focusing on a specific purpose. By supplying frameworks to the students and making them to understand the formats and methods involved in representing various writing styles ensures an appropriate presentation. If a student needs to write a letter, make sure he/she knows the format. For making it more interesting ask to address the letter to family members or people of their liking. This creates curiosity and triggers a genuine effort to write in the best manner they could. The most fascinating way is to ask children or students to write stories or essays or poems out of their own imagination. As there is plenitude in thoughts, they can come out with astonishing content.

3. Organize interesting contests

Any form of writing written by a student must be awarded and size doesn’t matter for complimenting the efforts. Provision of rewards and applauding the efforts will encourage students to perform even better when next assignment is given or whenever new contests are held. In addition, there are certain categories through which meritorious students can be rewarded. For instance,

  • Best story or essay
  • Best poem
  • Content of the week
  • Most improved performance
  • Teacher’s favorite
  • The best idea
  • Most innovative development of characters in writing

The prizes given should not be educated and innovative ideas would certainly make the students to have fun, interest and motivation at the same time.

4. Use graphic organizers

Graphic organizers help to improve channelization of knowledge through different means like a Venn diagram, T-Chart, Y-Chart, etc. These can be used to show differences or similarities, advantages or disadvantages, recordings of different viewpoints and so on. This will enhance the knowledge, perceptive ability and relational understanding of a student in an easy way.

5. Make students publish their writings

This is the most innovative and effective method to encourage students to write. Students enjoy their works been published on the internet irrespective of the place it is published. A teacher can create a blog or website specifically designed for the class to post the thoughts of the students. As these are interactive readers from around the globe will appreciate the work done by students and offer valuable insights. Students feel most fortunate to have such platform and express liberally.

While employing the above mentioned methods one has to take care of major aspects like research, proper structuring, approaching various references, manner of presentation without leaving essential elements, and editing which are sufficient to increase writing skills of an individual. Although mingling all these in pleasant manner can be difficult, it is for the sake of students and has to be done. Eventually, teachers find the results scintillating, making them feel satisfied with their laborious efforts. Students develop all the required skills without making conscious efforts on the technical aspects of writing. Fascinatingly, students who are nurtured by such techniques will only improve their technique and never leave the habit of writing as they understand the joyousness present in it.

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